Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Days and Counting!

Six days.  Only six days until we are partying in Costa Rica!  I simply can't believe it.  Better yet, I only have 4 working days until we hop a flight out of this dust bowl.

10 days!!! Only 10 days until my baby home-girl turns the Big 3-0!  Wa-freaking-hoo!

I effing LOVE IT!  I hope that D's 30th birthday is as magical and wonderfully awesome as my own.  And I just KNOW it will be.

D and I have been best buds ever since we started the 6th grade, which is truly hard to fathom.  Mostly because that was like 8 jillion brain cells and at least 5 lifetimes ago.  Our love for horses and all things melodramatic brought our world's together at the tender ages of 12 and 11.  And some how we've managed to remain connected through the wild years, some wild boys, hair school and college. 

Most importantly D kept calling me all of those fantastical years when I was going bat-shit crazy and losing my mind under the pressure of doctor school.  She even stuck by me during that first delightful year of my post-grad nightmare of a job, while I tried to stuff all that crazy back in.  I cried every single time I heard her voice and she still kept calling.  And it was the ugly type of crying that nobody but your very best girlfriend can love.  Or maybe your mother...  Well, love is perhaps the wrong word.  Whatevs.  My girl D has been around through some shizzle and made me laugh inbetween and during many an ugly cry session.

So this post is for D.  Thanks for letting me orchestrate a fabulous Costa Rican birthday adventure and invite a bunch of my friends.

The Top 10 Things I Love About D:

1.  Oh Sweet Baby Jesus!  Girl.  She'll make you LAUGH like no other.  Like hysterical laughter where you can't catch your breath and all your insides hurt.  The kind of laughing that requires a change of drawers if you have a full bladder.  Now then, if she would just let me write that book about her life and her fantastical shenanigans we'd have a New York Times best seller on our hands.  Or whatever's better than that.  THAT'S what we'd have!  D, just think about it.  You don't have to decide today.

2.   Her storytelling.  Never was there a better story teller.  The outrageous shenanigans she gets into and the amazing way she has of retelling her tales...  Refer back to #1

3.  Her beauty.  Inside and out this girl is GORGEOUS.  She also has some smokin' hot tattoos that make her package even more bitchin.'  IF that's even possible.  She's a show stopper.

4.  Her loyalty.  D is as loyal as the day is long.  Tried, tested and true.  You can rest well in her company knowing that she's always there for you.  That and knowing she'd totally shank a biotch for you if it were necessary.    

5.  Her discretion.  This girl has some Major-Classified-Grade A-Dirt on me and so far as I know, she's never told a soul.  She's the only thing standing between me and political office.  Well, that and my total disgust for politics.

6.  Her sense of humour.  She's really, truly funny as shit and she always has the decency to laugh quickly and honestly which makes a person feel all warm and gooey inside.       

7.  Her laugh.  It's absolutely beautiful.  It's contagious and it generates enough energy to run a city the size of Austin, Texas for at least an hour.

8.  Her family.  D comes from a tough, loving, good, honest country family that would give the shirt off of their backs to help a friend or neighbor.  The kind of family you can count on no matter what.  The kind of family that helped create such a wonderful friend.

9.   Her honesty.  Always delivered with amazing tact.

10.  Her strength.  Physically, emotionally and mentally this girl is TOUGH.  Let's put it this way... She's not someone you'd ever want to cage fight but luckily she devotes the use of her super powers only for good.

Plus One:  All the memories we have shared together and the ones yet to come.  Jumping hay bales, laying in the heat of the day under a shade tree, taming a wild filly, saving birds and calves and sleeping in your Dad's barn.  Wrestling in the tank, throwing cow patties, showing chickens and turkeys, our first kisses, riding our horses to Church, stealing a little brewsky from the neighbors, and super creepy Barney dolls that talk in the middle of the night when you are too young to be babysitting.  Learning to drive, surviving our first loves, our first failures and all of our successes.

I love you D.  I can't wait to see where the road will take us and all the great memories yet to come. 

Happy 30th Birthday doll face!      

P.S. This is an excerpt from a note I sent to Graddy today...

"Don't be alarmed, but after meeting the entire Texas contingent for our impending CR adventure I have some exciting news!  A) Our trip is very much going to resemble a skanky episode of Big Brother.  B) At LEAST one person is going to get voted off the island and it's NOT going to be D.  C) This shall provide OFF THE CHAIN blogging material.

That's all and Good Day. XOXO

P.P.S. Are you alarmed? I said DON'T be ALARMED!! Okay...  So maybe I'm just a LITTLE alarmed ;)"


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  1. Love the post but hate that I was not invited to CR. I could seriously go for some birthday shenanigans and blog material. However, I hope you, D and the entire gang have fun, go crazy, and create enough material for that NYT best seller.