Sunday, August 21, 2011

Costa Rica Day One

Wow!  That was a long hungry day of travels.  This blog is sponsored by Costa Rican Coffee and my internal (rat bastard) rooster who likes to wake me up at all sorts of ungodly hours...  5:30 am Texas time or 4:30 am Costa time.  Wahoo!  Partay!  Can you guess who will be passed the F out at 8:30/ 7:30 TX/CR time?  Yep.  This girl.

Any who. I woke this morning to the hum of our super duper fantastically chilly air conditioner and then I had to chip the icicles off my nose.  Luckily when I got up for my 3 am potty break I was able to wake JS long enough to demand that he hold me.  And thus I didn't die of hypothermia. The long pajama pants and sweater were also a nice touch.

As I type in our cozy common room and sip my lovely rejuvenating java I am watching 'Cinecanal' which appears to be a CR movie channel.  The beautiful thing about Cinecanal TV:  The films are English with Spanish subtitles.  It's helping me tremendously with my rusty Espanol.  Not so much help with my ADD.
We'll just blame the sporadic and random bits of typed info on the crack coffee that I'm a slurpin' up like water.  My heart may seize at any moment.

A rehash of Costa Travels Day One:

Our story began August 20th at 3:30 am at our house. I showered, changed bed linens for the Pooch-Sitter, and smashed anything and everything extra I could find laying about the house into my bulging suitcase. We sped down south and picked up D, LG and SK, our three 'single ladies' for this adventure. Which inspired JS to begin immediately singing "All the Single Ladies" for the rest of our vacation. He's so cute when he adds the jazz hands and the sashaying hips.

ATX airport was totally LAME because they refused to serve us any Cerveza before 8:30 am. Upon arriving in Dallas we were forced to make up for lost time and 9 am found us reunited with Graddy and Dub, well fed and inebriated. At least all the single ladies. The boys (JS and Dub) remained well behaved and sober.

D and I wrassled down the length of our airplane while boarding. The hysterical giggles and an impatient soon to be birthday girl made it so she couldn't keep her grubby mitts off me. But really. Who can blame her? She bumped me down the entire aisle even after I promised to push her down on the floor and sit on her head if she didn't quit pushing. We gave first class quite a show. You're welcome.

We ate a light lunch on the plane around noon and didn't see another meal until 7:30 pm. Which made for a tenuous and rather ravenous journey.

After starving for half of the day I was able to terrorize the car rental guy (who apparently is not, contrary to popular belief, paid to be nice. Yes, I did ask him.) AND THEN the leasing agent that gave us the keys to our home. Both leasing agents forgot to tell me that there was a 10% bank fee associated with the use of a credit card (these guys want cold hard cash ya'll) and I forgot that I shouldn't use the F word in public. Oops. My bad. We’ll l call it even. 'Cept I may have set America back in our Costa Rican public relations department by a few years... Doubly bad. Eh. Tomorrow is a new day and now I have a good skill to practice. Patience and grattitude while totally being taken advantage of in a foreign country. That and reading the fine print. Duh.

The country that we traversed between Airport Liberia and Tamarindo, CR is incredibly rural. Which may be a huge understatement. We have two cars, little Suzuki Vitaras and two pilots. SK and myself. My merry band of travelers included Dub, JS and Graddy. SK was left to chaffeur D and LG. I had my car load shrieking in fright around every bend and now NO ONE will volunteer to ride shotgun while I drive. Whatevs, pansies. They KNEW what they were getting into. Besides, Mamma was EFFING hungry and they wouldn't allow me to stop at any roadside eateries. I debated on smashing and snatching up a bit of road fowl, there's chikkens ever'where here but alas, none wandered into my path.

We raced to our house, dumped our bags off, turned on our air conditioning and scavenged Tamarindo for food and booze. We settled on a lovely dinner at Cococabana, a beautiful little restaurant and bar right on the beach. Our waiter Carlos bonded with D over his new tattoos and his pretty eyes but mostly we all fell in love with him because he brought us food. And it was delicious. And the bar tender was generous with his pours.

The locals and stray pooches are super friendly and you can literally get anything you want on the street corner. Cuban cigars, surf boards or corn rows. They've got it all. Right now we've already decided to bring home at least 3 dogs. I know Bella will be SO EXCITED to have a new sister ;)

Our house is SUPER fab but this town makes the Riviera Maya in Mexico look like the Four Seasons. It reminds me a lot of Brazil with poorer roads.

Our home has open air corridors and separate rooms. It's really beautiful with a pivate pool, gardens and fountains... But I'm only 90% positive we don't have bed bugs... Time will tell.

Now D, SK and I are off to get our exercise on! We've got some jogging and Crossfit WOD's lined up. And D's on a mission to see monkeys. Me? Not so much. I hear they'll jump on your head and pull your hair. Not cool. I'm going to need to wear some effing diapers for any of those shenanigans. I’m telling you RIGHT NOW I will shit my pants, y'all.

F THAT and good day.

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  1. aaaa haha. SO did she find the monkeys?!?! I am so happy that you guys are together for this experience. That has got to be SO MUCH FUN!! I hope your liver recovers, and I would love a CR stray pooch if it fits in your luggage! <3.