Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I sent this via an email to my home girl G Money the other day, and thought it should be aired in a more public forum.  Mostly because she has not responded AT ALL... And I thought she would at least have commended me on the fact that I used the utmost restraint and thus did NOT add it to her very Churchy and familial comment thread that was a hoppin' on facebook.  And I MEAN to tell you, it was REALLY, really hard not too...  ;)

"Auto correct and such..."

So the other day my calorie tracker program wouldn't accept my spelling of Nutella...  It helpfully kept switching the entry to 'nipples.'

Which is a little frightening for the following reasons:

A) The program might actually provide nutritional info on nipples. B) If there is nutritional info about nipples, it would have to mean people actually eat nipples. And C) I was eating Nutella while trying to get shredded.

Perhaps the program was referring to the 'buttery' or 'slippery' kind that is a delicious and calorific alcoholic beverage. Yes. I should like to think so.

Food for thought.

Good day and XO...

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