Monday, June 25, 2012

Rio 2016

Well! I did it! I competed in my first sporting clays tournament this past weekend after a short four weeks of shooting sporting clays. I got the competition fever about 3 weeks ago when a friend jokingly said he was taking me to a competition. And now it's begun!

2 weeks ago I met my new shooting coach on a whimsy, while shooting skeet with LG. Rip is a National Champ from Connecticut and a mighty fine clays coach if I do say so my own self! We got to shoot together 3 glorious times before he left for a world tour of awesomeness, and before he left little 'ol me, lonely for instruction.

I was incredibly nervous about this tournament so I spent the last week eating lots of carbs and shooting every moment I wasn't in the office. So nervous, in fact that I may have shot something like 600 clays in a 4 day period. Whatevs. Who needs life savings? Listen. I've totally got your back if we have a zombie apocalypse, and then what good would that life savings do you anyway? Exactly.

Moving on. Out of 76 shooters I placed higher than about 15 people. Perhaps maybe they were blind or wheel chair bound... But whatever. You've got to start somewhere and I've officially started. Out of the 5 women shooters I placed fifth. A most excellent showing and exactly where I thought I'd be for my first competition. I would have placed 4th had a broken 7 more birds. I would have taken 3rd if I had broken 10 more birds! All in all I was quite pleased with myself. Mostly because I didn't once think about throwing up (a real concern) and secondly because I had an absolute blast!

Now then! I have exactly 2 weeks or 9 days of practice before my next tournament. (Not that I'm counting or anything...) And this time... This time, I'm taking home a trophy.

Next on my list: The Olympics. Rio 2016 :-)