MKT's Official Unofficial River Contract

Official Unofficial River Contract: Brilliantly prepared and made into law by MKT

RF ‘10

1. I WILL listen, respond to, and obey the directions of all river attendees over the age of 18.

2. I WILL NOT require numerous reminders to do (or stop doing) something I have been told to do (or not do) by any adult.

3. I WILL NOT eat any food other than that brought by Dad and Mary without first getting permission from the owner of the food. During shared meals, I WILL NOT go back for additional helpings until everyone else is finished eating.

4. I WILL NOT mope, complain of boredom, or incessantly nag any adult to do anything (from kayaking to board games, and everything in between) for the duration of RF ’10.

5. I WILL NOT start or participate in nitpicky fights, either verbal or physical, with my sibling.

6. I WILL pick up after myself and be responsible for my own toys, clothes, towels, etc.

7. I WILL be mindful of other people’s space, possessions, and good time.

8. I WILL remember, at all times, that attending the original version of River Festivus is a privilege, not a right. If I fail to adhere to these or any other rules made for me by any adult in attendance, I understand that I will no longer be allowed to participate in this particular summer tradition.

9. I WILL have an awesome time.

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  1. If it weren't for that last part I'd come off like a real River Nazi. ; )