Monday, January 16, 2012

Beach Time: Birthday Bonanza at the Beef House

WAHOO!  A wonderful weekend recapped in pictures.

Our trip to Surfside began on Friday in October with a looooong drive down to the Texas coastline. 

Bad Ass Beach Casa.
Photo credit: MKT

She's a real beaut!
Photo credit: SRT

The weekend had a long and colorful cast of characters:

Tiny Birthday Girl
Photo Credit: MKT

Dirty D.  The birthday girl's other half.
Photo Credit: MKT

MKT and the Captain.

Wee Show Pony and JoJo Killer.
Photo credit: MKT

Sweets, aka Cake Boss.
Photo credit: MKT

Supernova Surprise.
Photo credit: MKT

Mrs. Crawfish and Homer.
Stolen from facebook.

The Golden Boy and Uncle Supernova (again.).
Photo Credit: Jojo

The Kid.  She's kind of magical.
Photo credit: SRT and stolen from Facebook.

Photo credit: MKT

Friday Night Lights.
Photo Credit: MKT

One Gator.  Toasted.
Photo Credit: SRT

The Little Queen.
Photo credit: Jojo

And last but not least: A family of Squidbillies.
Photo credit: MKT

Our Friday night began with BIG burgers and booze.
Photo credit: Jojo

Captain almost burned the cottage down with his bonfire on the grill however, the magnificent burgers were well worth it.  JS was a great grilling supervisor and sidekick until Dirty D arrived.  Then the two of them bravely kept the Cap company next to his roaring flames.  We also enjoyed a fair amount of cold wind and delicious cupcakes...

Photo credit: Jojo

Photo Credit: Cake Boss

And there were snacks galore.

Unsanctioned snack activities.
Photo Credit: Jojo

Saturday found me awake bright and early to enjoy a special morning moment with Cap.  He actually said, "Good morning," instead of making his usual grunting noises like in the past when I have suggested that indeed the morning was fine.    

Sunrise at Surfside, TX.

I laced up my sneakers and took a long jog toward South America (according to Cap's directions) and Cap positioned his beach chairs and poles for a little fishing.  I made it down to Surfside proper before I realized my goal of reaching South America by foot in one morning was likely unobtainable.  After cursing my early morning ambition that found me so far from home, I re-jogged my path back to the house at a much slower pace.     

I got home just in time for a delightful breakfast feast of savory sausage balls and eggs, after which my newest friend Cap and I began sharing a mornin' drank.  A game of horse shoes quickly ensued.

Photo Credit: SRT

A guest arrived midday, much to the birthday girl's surprise.

Photo credit: MKT

Supernova scared the ever lovin' shiz out of us.  Or at least myself.  I suffered a small stroke and perhaps a tiny tinkle when he leapt from the dunes.

After Tiny's Supernova Surprise we wound down the day lounging atop the hot tub, creating punkin master pieces, shooting the breeze and awaiting the promise of crawfish pies.

There was a general theme throughout the evening that involved lots of dancing:

Lots of forced love and affection:

Pumpkin Carving:

Bottoms up:

And a wee bit of gayness:

Jojo made the most magnificent margaritas that left us all goofy and giggly.   

Photo Credit: Jojo

The deadly Jo-Ritas and a few shots of Grand Marnier inspired this fantastical afternoon pattern combination.

Photo credit: Jojo

Don't judge me.  Plaid, polka dot and floral are in, bitches.  Did I mention the Jo-Ritas were deadly?

Do work son.
Photo Credit: Jojo

Next up, about dark 30, Mrs. Crawfish whipped us up some fine eats.  There was great concern (on my part) that she was never going to cook dinner but it was well worth the wait.  She made some amazingly delicious cheesy crawfish concoction, and then folded it all up into a pastry crust and baked 'em.  She fittingly calls these little delights crawfish pies. 

OMG people.  You CAN'T.  EVEN.  IMAGINE.  How freaking amazing these things are.  I told Homer to watch his back (her husband).  I would like very much to live with this woman for the rest of my LIFE.  I ate like 10 crawfish pies by my ownself...  And I didn't want to share any food with Friday Night Lights, thus I became a hostile (still somewhat intoxicated) crazy crawfish pie guarding lunatic, when those poor boys arrived.  They arrived mid-feast and I'm pretty sure I told the biggest one that his football scholarship to Harvard was lame...  I could ABSOLUTELY die of shame.  My sincere apologies.  I shall forever blame it on the insanity that was my crawfish pie and Grand Marnier addled brain.  I'm not going to lie.  I was roughly, two very small sips away from Mexico-swimming-pool-wrestling level of intoxication.  For all the members of JS's family that were there for that little incident, (Hi, Momma of JS!) you can imagine what state I was in.  Heh.

Moving on...  Oh the SHAME!!!  For real this time.  Sorry T.  You kind of rock and we are all SO PROUD OF YOU.  Annnnd I'm over it...

Later that same evening there was a significant amount of dancing in the dark, hot tub tomfoolery and general drunk and disorderly conduct.  I passed out roughly around 10 pm and missed the most spectacular pieces, thus all of those little secrets are safe from the blog-o-sphere.  And a collective sigh of relief is heard around the world.

Unfortunately, I did not go to bed before the following was captured:

Sexy lobster dancing. 
Photo credit:  MKT

Proof that I don't really detest the Captain. 
At least not after a full bottle of Grand Marnier ;)
Photo credit: MKT

Surprisingly, Sunday morning I woke feeling exactly like wholly hammered dog shiz and thus decided I should indeed take a quick little jog to Florida.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I probably sweated out the Grang Marnier and deadly Jo-Rita's 'round about mile four, but the crawfish pie was not to be shaken.  I arrived back at the beach house to find the hot tub junkies at it again.  True story:  Brown hot tub bubbles did not slow this group down even a little, and thus had me questioning if anyone was actually sober.  

Whatevs.  To each their own.  We wrapped up our marvelous celebratory weekend with a quick clean and dash.  MKT is THE hostess with the MOSTEST, and she is welcome to come clean stay at my home anytime she likes!  Why must good times always come to an end, friends?

This weekend made me realize that I may love Texas beaches as much as any foreign beach I've ever visited and thus the search for a beachy home begins.  Let's work that into my 5 year plan.  Stat.   

Now then.

Let's make this trip happen again next year.  Better yet.  Let's do it again next month.  Life needs more festivus.

Happy 30th Birthday Tiny!  You did it up RIGHT. 

Parting Shots:

Rampant beach graffiti
Such a pretty kitty. 

You should always sleep with one eye open.