Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kidnapping in Costa Rica

Day 3:

Today we kidnapped a dog.  I TOLD you we was brangin’ us a island continent dog home.  Her name is Tammy.  Remember?  And JS officially won’t speak to me any longer.  She loaded right up in the car, walked straight in Casa Maya like she owned the place and immediately got a good scrubbin’ with Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious.  And now she looks a little peeved.  Probably because we totally ruined her Eau of Dead Crab and her Brazilian Blow Out.  Pobrecita.

Tammy Dawg.  Photo Credit: MacGruber

Not a happy camper.  Photo Credit:  MacGruber

Before the kidnapping took place we got up early and went to the fitness center for our workout and then an hour of yoga.  It was fantabulous.  MacGruber suffered a slight sacrum dislocation but otherwise it was a total hit.  Luckily we chiropracted her back into place successfully and then we were able to book our travel tour.

Tomorrow is D’s BIG 3-0!  We signed up for a horseback ride/ hike across a tiny bridge into a water fall/ zip line into the canopy/ sit in a mud bath / lounge in a natural hot spring combo package.  We can’t wait! …Although I’m undecided as to which of my swimming suits I want to sacrifice to the mud gods…

Junior.  If for some reason we don't come home from our tour... 
He's the second stand on the left.  Main Street.
Photo Credit:  MacGruber

After giving Junior, our tour capitan a bajillion dollars for our tours, we drank some fabulous cocktails and headed back to the Langosta Fitness and Beach Club to watch a storm roll in. 

Langosta Living.  Photo Credit:  MacGruber

Texas Tornado.  Photo Credit:  MacGruber

Tamarindo Tornado.  Photo Credit:  MacGruber

Unsuspecting hammock lounger.

Bam.  Nice jump!

We were playing in the surf and lightening when out of the blue ol’ Tammy rolled up.  She was looking pitiful, cold wet and lonely when we raced back to our car so naturally we opened up the luggage space and she hopped on in like a pro.

Now we’re waiting for the storm to blow over, literally and figuratively, before we head back to our beach side Casita and poor Tammy is patiently waiting to break out of this biotch.

So… Peace out for now homies.  I think I see the sun!

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  1. Proud of you! However Tammy will not fit in your luggage. You will have to buy a suitcase big enough! :) I cant wait to meet her.