Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mongeese gone wild

Today was a terrifically fantastic day. Again :) I have been informed that the working world hates me this week, so I just smile and answer, "Yes, but the Universe loves me!"

We visited a beach today that's on the top 10 list of all the best beaches in the entire WORLD. No big deal.

We floated about for hours and then I snorkeled at an extremely high rate of speed until I thought my arms would fall off. Best part? I swam with a real live, honest to God, sea turtle. It was incredible.

She was having a snack of sea weed before we made eye contact. She then swam up and gazed deeply into my eyes. After sharing that special little moment, she rammed me with her entire body and bitch slapped me with her fins.

Just kidding. She really and truly did gaze deeply into my sexy snorkel mask before she paddled away at warp speed. She was so close I could have reached out and touched her sweet little nose!

I saw a tarpon that was half my size, a school of angel fish and many other less than remarkable fish.

As we were leaving we caught a whole dirty parcel of Mongeese scampering about and one particularly interesting character. As we stopped to take photos he jerked his tiny swim trunks down, hiked his leg, and started licking himself. We decided to send his picture to Discovery channel and recommend they start a new show. "Mongeese gone wild" would be WAY cooler than Swamp People. Just sayin.

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