Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hammocks and Paddle Boarding

So this morning found me awake and somewhat less than bushy tailed at 6:30 am here in Paradise... Which is 5:30 am Texas time y'all. Boo. I mean yay!

After I drank my morning cappuccino y double espresso I stumbled to the gym and ran a 7.38 min mile. Yay espresso! And then I hit the weights and did a wee bit of core. Go team.

I left the gym with jello for legs and signed on for a little paddle boarding action on the cove. I paddle boarded in the surf for about an hour... And let me tell you what friends: The waves here are legit holmes. Those waves made town lake in the great ATX look JUST like a little pussy cat.

It took me roughly 15 minutes to calm down, loosen up, and to start using my common sense. I discovered quickly that paddling diagonally across the waves was a far better plan than battling them directly head on.

The Caribbean took me down to my knees twice and once overboard before that (huge) little realization was made. Whatevs. Better late than never.

I'm a school of hard knocks, battle shit head on, kind a girl. Perhaps an important life lesson was learned today: Patience, tact and proper technique, like approaching an obstacle from the side rather than directly head on, MIGHT get you ahead a tiny bit faster in this life... Or something along those lines...

Oh! I know! If your stand up paddle board's nose or tail go under a wave, you most likely will do the exact same. (And it's awfully salty y'all.)

Eh. Lots of good shit happened out there today. Lots of good shit ;) Here are some pictures from today's 'lil slice of Heaven.

Most importantly!!! I'm blogging from a hammock RIGHT now, ON the beach bitches. My soundtrack is the surf rolling up gently on the sand and bar music playing softly behind me.

Goodnight and good day friends. I feel a nap comin' on :)

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