Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Nanny Daiquiris

The Nanny Daiquiris Diaries

A few weeks ago I got to play Aunt Gator “The Nanny” whilst my Dearest Sister and Brother In Law came to visit ATX.  This experience convinced me that I’m truly:  A) The Coolest Aunt/Sister EVER, hands down and you all should be extremely envious.  B) I REALLY could get used to living the Resort Life while sitting poolside everyday and  C) I’m not ready for any children of my own for at least the next 10-20 years.  Mimi, you better start praying for accidents "Blessings from Jesus” if you want grandbabies from the Gator/JS contingent anytime soon

Seriously, I have the most beautiful and sweet niece and nephews EVER!  I pray every day for just a few more so that I can complete my Polo team.  Lord knows we would frickin’ CRUSH the competition as they are all tougher than nails and masters of coordination.  Somehow they got my share of both.

The following is a narration in pictures of our adventures. 

Coffee, milk and destruction to start the day. 
Baby K single handedly rearranged the entire playscape.

Doin' Work.

Demolition complete, Baby K sets her sights on her next priority....

A small tumble over a giant lego does not halt her progression.  After she showed that lego who was boss, Baby K is only slightly peeved about the dirt on her hands and the icky landscaping remnants in her diaper.

Where's the buffett?  I'm famished. 

Gold Feesh and Vitamin Dirt!  DELICIOUS!

Revitalized after her snack, Baby K practices her horsemanship.  She's a natural!

Asleep at the wheel. 
Baby K is totally rockin' that mohawk!


Baby K tires of the endless stalking from her Paparazzi
 and signs off with a squeal and a funny face.

I spot a Monkey!

Nope.  No Monkeys here.  Just a Pooh Bear.

J is WAY to cool for school and refuses to pose for the camera.

The chase is on.  Aunt Gator is no match for the elusive wildebeast

Oops!  Not ours...  But the shoelessness greatly amuses me.

J at the controls.

Adios Amigos!  We have grubbin' and naps to tend to.

No hands!
Mommy was mollifying Baby K's teradactyl screams and thus distracted
while we pulled silly shenanigans at the restaurant.  I'm am awesome influence.

Shut down...  We get scolded when Mommy caught on :)

LOVES of my life!  Please come back soon!  We have lots of trouble fun to make ! 


  1. I forgot you took pictures;) You will have to email me them ;)

    We loved and appreciated all the help! It was a fun wknd and next time I look forward to resting more by the pool, rather than chasing wild chilren around as you would call em ;)
    You are the best and my kids love you over the moon & back! Luvs u auntie gator!! xoxo

  2. You're such a good sport. We had our nieces and nephews stay at our place a couple of months ago and I had to put myself in "time out" several times because I couldn't take it anymore. I too am avoiding "blessings from Jesus" for quite a while (which is a classic--I might have to use that one more often:)