Thursday, July 29, 2010

Classy Decor

Seeing as JS may NEVER get ‘round to hanging my Mexican décor that I painstakingly scored from the infamous flea market…..  Guess what you all are getting for Christmas!?

Now, now, no fighting!  I want my two biggest ‘Mexican flair’ fans to rest easy.  I promise to save the best pieces for both of you.  In fact, if you read their comments after the flea market blog you can see for yourselves they both were shouting for BIGGER, more COLORFUL, more GLORIUOS pottery.  Now ask yourself, who wouldn’t want a little bit of this action?

The Green Squirrel is particularly aggressive.  He's not a big fan of solicitation.  


  1. I think those are sa-WEET. Love the frog. And the squirrel.

  2. I KNOW. Right? Totally classes up that tacky, horrible signage, doesn't it? Great minds think alike ;) Now which do you want for your graduation present, as I can tell you are QUITE fond of both...?