Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life is Short: Live Your Dream and Wear Purple Hair

...Or maybe it's, "Life is short, live your dream and wear your passion."

Ah, hell! All I know is this: While I was all hopped up on turning 32, I read the side of a Lu Lu Lemon bag that told me to "Do something every day that you're afraid of...."

AND THEN, I came home with a mane full of shockingly purple hair. Some might even dare to call it a purple fro. Whatevs.

It's glorious. And it's purple. Really, REALLY purple :)

I'm not going to lie y'all. I suffered a massive cardiac infarction at its unveiling and then I shotgunned a beer to calm my nerves. When that didn't do the trick I turned to tequila. Soon thereafter, I decided that my new purple do was rather delightful.

I was really hopeful things were getting better when I took my first few showers and purple streamed down the drain. Sure enough, its lightened into an even MORE fabulous shade of purple. Not a more subtle shade. Nope. Not really. Just more purple and less electric blue :) And I really do love it!

I've already survived half of a day in the office (terrifying) and meeting the bf's (OMG) parents. (Quite unfortunate timing and he wouldn't let me reschedule ;)

See! Purple hair has brought a WHOLE new meaning to facing one's fears... Or even better, my personal favorite, just plain avoiding them.

Yeahhhhhh, so... About that... I have a sneaking suspicion when Pops and Sister get wind of this my ass is totally grass :) But until then I say: Watch out world! I've got my sassy pants on AND I'm rockin' this purple hair.


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