Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lessons From My Magical Life

I will be 32 in just a few short days... And I'm stoked! How things change.

I look back to where I was at age 29, as I was approaching the horizon of the Big 3-0, and I remember all the fears and self doubt I had. That startling realization that regardless of whether or not you've decided to participate, life keeps flying by. The: How can I already be 30? Where did time go? I don't want to be a grown up! I'm not satisfied with my fitness. How come I'm not more successful or farther along in life?

And then! I had the best 30th birthday imaginable, one of the best years of my life and time has shown me that my magical life is truly getting better every single day. I honestly had no idea my 30's would be so damned amazing.

Then I have to wonder why my 20's were such a struggle... Was it school? Yes. That was traumatic but only because my perspective was so much different. Was it the fear of beginning a career? Was it my fear of the big, wide world and all of its magic, its opportunities and the risk of failure? Of course.

I realize I was so unsure and unhappy because I thought life happened TO me. I was a passive, dreary passenger just along for the ride. I viewed happiness as something to be found or caught like a herd of wild horses. Something fleeting that slipped through my fingers. I had yet to discover that I get to manufacture my own happiness, I get to decide to follow my own passions and it's a choice I make to live each day joyously. It's my choice to shine.

And here I am! I wake up everyday with overwhelming gratitude. Overwhelming joy! I am finally living an absolutely charmed life. I have an amazing, fulfilling career. I have the best family and the most fantastic friends a girl could ask for. I have achieved a rocking level of health and fitness and I enjoy the opportunity to improve a little more each day. I truly am a success on so many levels because I am following my passions and doing something daily that brings me joy.

So cheers to living life happily. Hurray for 32! Now then, can someone please turn the volume down on that little voice of alarm that peeks through my sunshine occasionally? The one that speaks aloud my fears and doubts. Please tell her that I've totally got this. I plan to shine a bit brighter everyday and I fully commit to basking in the magic that I create while I participate in my fantastical, splendiferous, amazingly charmed life :)


  1. Oh, how I love you! You are so shiny in your amazing splendor that I don't mind burning my retinas to look at it. You deserve all of the amazing and beautiful things that lie ahead of you.

  2. Aw! Thanks gorgeous! Now where was my invite to Vegas? An unfortunate oversight I'm sure ;) Let's create some magic and or scandals together very soon. I need more material for that book!