Thursday, September 13, 2012

Conversations with Sister

I have a pretty fantastic Sister.... And I really wanted to start this blog by writing, MY SISTER IS BETTER THAN YOUR SISTER! But seeing as that might cause a fist fight or spark an ugly debate, let's skip all that :) Please rest assured though, she is truly a splendiferous Sister and you should all be envious. Moving on.

So this morning I received a phone call at 8 am from said wonderful big Sister. Which is truly a shocking and note worthy event in itself. Anyone that knows this incredible woman KNOWS she's not exactly a morning person. (Understatement y'all) In fact, before having the world's most wonderful chil'rens, anyone tempting to speak to said Sister before noon, would run the risk of losing life or limb.

...And they named me Gator. Ha! Sister, aka: Bobeara (heavy emphasis on the "bear") has always been a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Now then... Back to my story. Sister called this morning just to check in as we've been playing phone tag seemingly for weeks. Chil'rens safely deposited at their respective educational institutions she had exactly two spare moments to potty alone and call her most favorite little sister. It sort of sounded like she might have been fending off the attack of a 4 pound Poo-Frische pup (also known as a Bichon-Poo, I like the sound of Poo Freeze best), but she remained non-plussed. She's a cool customer. Ice water in her veins.

When I told her I was considering a few tasteful purple highlights in my hair to mark the end of my State Board season and as a celebration of completing the first 32 years of my magical life... I was met with silence on the other end of the phone. Poor Sister.

I said, "So I'm totally thinking about having a few purple highlights put in my hair next week. Do you think I should do a small snip underneath my bangs, or a small lock underneath near my neck? I mean... I'd really prefer a few feather extensions, but they're soooooo 2011."


I giggled. "Silly question right? Because I can actually feel you cringing from 200 miles away."

Sister answered, "Weeeelllll. What will your patients think? What if something goes wrong?"

As visions of Rainbow Bright-esque purple fringe filled my head, I shook it off and said, "Eh. It'll be fine. They're all hippies anyway. Besides, it's Austin. I'm either getting a tattoo or purple hair. Pick your poison."

Dearest Sister immediately responded, "Oh God! Purple hair! I think purple hair will look GREAT, AND I can cut it off while you're sleeping... That tattoo might be a little tougher..."

So there you have it folks. Conversations with Sister. And THAT'S just ONE of the many reasons I love my Sister so much and have decided that she's way cooler than yours. Or at least more conservative. Cool AND Conservative. That's my girl!

So what do y'all think? Purple bangs? Purple underneath? Tattoo?? ;)

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