Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living Out Loud

I moved into my new place February 17th and began “borrowing” internet from my neighbor until approximately the end of March…  Before he grew wise, secured his network and I began living a somewhat quiet life without cable and without internet.  The hell!  The Agony!

With nothing but time, time, time on my hands…  I’ve taken up a few new hobbies.  Drinking, dancing and cavorting being the most predominate. 
But I have also fallen in love with this little lady whom I’ve named Lucy:

Isn't she just darling?
So thus I’ve begun spending a large portion of my time shooting shit. 
If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it.  It’s incredibly empowering and super LOUD.  When you live in the oldest barrio in Tejas it’s nice to have a little Lucy sleeping beside you.  Or right under your pillow.  Whatever your preference.
Owning a handgun has also brought me and my Pops a bit closer.  My new gun enthusiasm has also sparked some mighty interesting conversations.  Pops was at Academy a few weeks ago picking up shells for the range and he called to ask what I was shooting.  When I asked him to grab me some 38 special + P, he texted me back to say, “No baby.  We already discussed this.  Those are for shooting INSIDE the house!”  
Oh, yes… Yes, of course!  What was I thinking?  (He wants me to keep a better class of ammo for home protection rather than blasting the expensive stuff all willy nilly on the range.  And I send up prayers on the regular to the Sweet Baby Jesus in the sky that I never have to actually shoot inside my house.  But, if I must, that I’m an accurate shot.  Amen.)
Pops and I were at the range testing out a new assault rifle when he confidently informed me that the AR 15 is the leading gun for home protection.  “Oh really?” I asked skeptically.  (Eyebrows raised.  Insert crazy face.)  “Where do you think we live Pops?  This isn’t exactly the fucking Congo.”  To which he just smiled and shook his head before gently placing the little beauty that is the AR 15 into my hands.   
Although the gun range has proven beneficial for dad and daughter bonding, I’ve also decided that it’s a fantastic place for dates.  First dates or otherwise.  I’ve come to the realization that all women should be armed while out on dates, but mostly I just need someone to pull for me while I shoot skeet. 
One of my friends brought this little fella out to the range a few months ago and I fell hook, line and sinker…  I am in LOVE with shooting clays.
Browning Citori Over and Under Shotgun 

I need to buy stock in Academy and/or McBride’s with the amount of shopping I’ve been doing there recently.  I'm trying to practice shooting skeet once or twice a week, ever since my most favorite brother in law in the whole wide world loaned me this little lady:

Remington 780 Single Pump Shotgun
Her name’s Stella.
I had my first skeet shooting lesson last week and what can I say folks?  I’m kind of a rock star.  It appears that I managed to inherit a fair share of my Pops’ eye hand coordination along with his hypoglycemia and fantastic temper.  Yay!   
Did I mention I managed to break DOUBLES with Stella, my single action pump shotgun?  Yep.  I sure did.  Boo yah bitches.  Boo yah.  My tee-tiny instructor may have also told me that I have great natural eye hand coordination and that it was really fun to coach somebody that can actually break clays.  Wahoo!  I almost tackled her with a joyous bear hug because I could hardly contain the enthusiasm that was bursting from my insides.  But don’t worry, I totally managed to keep my cool.  Instead I settled for a little jumping, yelling and fist pumping.  Like I said, I was totally cool.
And that’s what’s a happening in my happy little world.  How goes it in yours?  

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