Sunday, May 13, 2012

Escape to Galvatraz

Friday morning found me awake at the crack of dawn, last minute panic packing for what was forecasted to be a typhoon weekend in Galveston.

Every, single, time I head to the coast a monsoon ensues. I have single handedly discovered how to end the drought in Texas. My fellow Texans: You. Are. Welcome!

As I raced toward the office for my super early day (that would be 8 am sharp :) my truck started to shake and shimmy. Panic welled up in my soul as I was JUST thinking how fantastic it would be if my darling truck coughed and seized up mid trip, somewhere along the 200 mile hike to Galveston. I immediately called Yost Automotive and scheduled my drop off, the deciding factors being: A) They would shuttle me to and from work, and B) They are located within 2 miles of my office.

Yost was fantastic! They got me all fixed up in a jiffy (spark plug and coil failure) and let's just go ahead and throw it out there... They're also REALLY good looking. When the dream boat mechanic picked me up from the office around noon, he asked what kind of shooting I've been doing.

I was all like, "What gave me away?"

His reply, "Uh, it was definitely the two CASES of shotgun shells in your front seat."

Riiiiight... So after discussing the merits of 20 gauges versus 12 gauges, the pros and cons of the over and under versus the semi-auto, he totally asked me on a Skeet shooting date. Yep. That happened.

After an excellent save by Yost, I raced to College Station to meet the Cake Boss before driving on toward the coast. We had many encouraging texts along the way from our island sponsor and the love of our life, Little Tiny Tinsley.

Some of the good ones included:

"Good morning you magnificent bitches! Let me know your progress through the day. Weather is shitty down here so be careful!"

"Hahah! So you guys have planned to leave so you get stuck in Houston traffic again.... Good job. Stay on the beltway this time!"

To which we immediately ignored her advice. Thus we got stuck on 610 in hella traffic, made 18 pit stops due to the mass quantities of Cerveza the co-pilot was drinking (me) and randomly ran into a gorgeous friend from high school at the mall (pit stop # 16). All in all, fantastic trip. The best part? NO RAIN!

We met the Clam (MKT, Screaming Eagle, The Kid, Dirty D and Tiny) for fantastic chow at Luna's in the Friendly Wood, before kickin' it at the casa of MKT and the Cap. Sadly we missed the Cap as he was a workin.'

Saturday morning Dirty D, the host with the most, cooked our bleary faces some breakfast tacos while Tiny took Pooch Number Two to the vet. Poor Seamus had been coerced to eat a rawhide bone before he decided swallowing it whole was the most efficient way to accomplish that task. His sad face and constant whining won him a free round trip ticket to the radiology department. Apparently he was only deficient in vitamin X, as a good dose of irradiation fixed his sad self right up. Diagnosis: colic. Annnnd no more rawhides for that little dummy. The end.

After breakfast, Cake Boss and I busted out a Crossfit WOD with Tiny before we headed out to jog the beach. It was fantabulous. And hot. And then poor Cake Boss sent me this text, mid jog: "Break my window and hot wire my truck. Come get me. I'm dying."

But we survived and we also took some fab photos.

Disclaimer: I'm using a new blogger app for my smart phone... So I have NO IDEA where those photos will post... Or how to move them about. So please enjoy the randomness!

Saturday afternoon we packed up Dirty D's truck and headed to the West Side (insert gang sign) of Galveston Beach. We soaked up some sand and sun and generally shot the shit. We finished our day with burgers, Bloody Mary's and a little Ben and Jerry's. Eh. What can I say? Ben and Jerry's happens to the best of us :-)

Now then. Cake Boss and I have one more jog to conquer and this time
I'm taking the love of my life, Russell B. Frio Dawg with us. I enjoy a good drag first thing in morning!

We're hitting' the road early today so we can get back in time to celebrate our wonderful Mothers.

I sure hope you all had as great of a weekend in your respective parts of the world. And please, remember to call your Mothers!


  1. How do you get sunny skies in Galveston AND clear water (clear by Galveston standards)?! Lucky B!

    Miss your face more and more. Kind of jealous you got to see Charlie in person. And kind of jealous he got to see you in person.

    1. It's the pros to living a charmed life Jules! I have no idea how it all works out :-)

      I miss your face mostest! You should definitely be super jealous about Charlie. Not only is he beautiful, but I got TWO hugs and smelled like his gorgeousness the rest of the evening. Double WIN!

      We should plan a trip to the coast and abduct him. Now that's brilliant. Smooch!

  2. True story! Fabulous, fun hurt so good trip--- signed Cake Boss