Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greener Pastures

Christmas 2005 I found myself with an intense bout of 'horse fever,' (read: I lost my mind over this beauty).  I was completing my first year of Doctor School, depressed OUT OF MY GOURD, and after shopping long and hard on the internet I had come to the conclusion that I would simply DIE of a broken heart if I couldn't have this horse.

JS received roughly 800 phone calls, emails and texts daily regarding my master plan and acquisition proposal.  The plan was simple.  Buy her for me, feed her for me and I would live happily ever after.  Ta Da!  I was convinced it was well contrived and a completely logical plan.

As I drove home from school between Dallas and College Station, after finishing 7 finals in 4 days (I was legally insane) I gave the horse broker a call.  She told me the horse had just been purchased and even the offer of more money (JS's, not mine) could not sway the outcome.  I sat on the shoulder of the road until the hysterics subsided enough for safe driving.

The next few hours were spent in a haze of shock and grief over losing something that I was SO CERTAIN would change my life in amazing and unexpected ways.  I punished JS with intense moping and spontaneous bouts of tears/ wailing.  When he had me fed and somewhat less homicidal, he packed me up against my will and dragged me out to the country.  

He told me he wanted to show me a friend's new bulldozer (WTF? Right?) and I did everything but jump from the truck as we made the 30 minute drive out there.  I wanted to know how looking at a piece of big ass machinery was going to fix my big ass broken heart.  When at last apathy set in, we completed the trip in silence.

When we parked in front of a huge open barn, the night was growing dusky.  JS had to pry my fingers from the trucks interior and threaten my well being to get me out of the vehicle.  As I made my resentful trek closer to the building JS began to babble about bulldozers and his potential need for one and some other stuff that was quickly drowned out by the sound of a horse's neigh. 

I froze in my tracks cursing my lack of night vision and looked to JS.  Although I couldn't tell what color the horse was as she peered out of the darkness, one look at JS's face told me all that I needed to know.  This was THE ONE.  (JS, for that matter AND the horse.)

When my heart resumed beating and I stopped my hysterical leaping and crying and general mauling of JS with joy, I got to finally meet my internet romance.   

Although she had the name of a stripper or a trailer park heroine  'April's Misty Halle Lu,'  'Halle' had a beautiful pedigree.  She was fiesty and gorgeous and eventually, with a lot of work, turned into a really decent polo pony.    

She had a way of looking at me with those big Doe Eyes that just melted my insides.  Halle had a knack for mesmerizing kiddos and for getting herself into trouble.  She was a really great horse friend.  

Lupita my love, you will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always wonder what could have been.  I will treasure your memory.  Thank you for touching my life with your bright spirit and your beauty.  As I imagine you standing knee deep in one of God's green pastures, I can see you your sweet face and you are happy.

April's Misty Halle Lu
4/20/2001 - 9/11/2010


  1. RIP Hallie. You will never be forgotten! Run free and hard! Abby Im here if you need to talk =[

  2. So sorry Abby!! I pray your memories bring heal your heart over time. Im here if you need me! Halle- Im not a horsey person myself but you made my Sissy really happy as well as my son Jackie! He thought you were his;) Well just hope he forgets...well something like that! So for that-thank you and cheers to greener pastures! Abby I am praying for you!

  3. Sad story friend. I'm sorry you didn't get more time with her and that Wee Show Pony never had the chance to fall in live with her in person. At least you've still got the man (and he's obviously a keeper). Love you.


  4. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Hallie. It breaks my heart to know she is gone after the amount of joy she brought you.

    Her 'stripper' name comes from the circumstances of her birth. She was born on a foggy April Easter Morning. I know it isn't original but her mom is Ice Magic Angel and I always give her babies themed names, Hallie Lu, Halo, Grace.

    She was a special horse and will be missed.