Friday, September 17, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Right now I’m lounging lizard like on a beach in Mexico (unless it’s raining and then I will undoubtedly be table top dancing at the cabana bar) with several of my most favorite people in celebration of (dun, dun, DUN) the BIG 3-0.  I wrote this post in advance and scheduled it for today because I am fairly certain I won’t be able to cease shaking my tail feathers long enough to get this out, while on my SUPER DUPER Birthday vacation.

In honor of turning 30 (I am borrowing this idea from one of my most favorite bloggers) I am listing the 30 best things that have impacted my life.  (These are in no particular order seeing as its midnight the night before I fly to Mexico and I haven’t started packing, and we have to leave the house at 4 am….  AND it’s WAY too hard to differentiate between their levels of greatness.)

The Thirty Best Things

1. Being born!  Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have 30 years of wonderful experiences to draw from and you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

2. The day my Sister and I became friends.  It took a lot of convincing but she finally came around ;)  She is courageous, beautiful, kind, patient, tougher than nails, an excellent shopping guide as well as the best mother EVER.

3. Bella soul dog, poochie pants.  The love of my life.  I have some SERIOUS attachment issues with this dog.  I love her with all my being and it’s very hard most days not to squeeze her and hug her and kiss her tiny mouse face right off.

 4. All the days on which my nephews and my niece(s) were born.  (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more)  I seriously LOVE being an Aunt.  I never knew the capacity my heart had for love until my first nephew was born. It’s overwhelming and ferocious and all consuming. It’s that 100% certainty that I would gladly step in front of a bus or a raging tiger and DESTROY them if they so much as thought about touching a tiny hair, on one of their tiny little heads.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!  Each of them is THE very best.

5. My dearest, wonderful JS and all the thoughtful things he does.  As much as I hate surprises, JS has mastered the art of FREAKING AWESOME surprises.  JS has helped me grow into a much better person and he has showed me the meaning of compromise, true love and patience.

 6. My Internship in Canada and the memories of the amazing summer I spent there.  Red squirrels, cottages on the river, kayaking, cross country courses and million dollar ponies.  I could totally get used to living like that.

 7. Graduating with a BS in Animal Science from Texas A&M. Longest 5 years of undergrad EVER.  This is also how I met JS and many of my best friends that I simply cannot imagine life without.

 8. Graduating with a Doctorate, the completion of THE most trying years of my life.  The highs, the lows, the tears, the weight gain (and then loss), the mental instability and the family I found there.

 9. Confetti horse.  In the 30+ years (and counting) of his life he has touched so many hearts and taught so many valuable lessons.  Humility, kindness, patience, forgiveness, courage, and love, are just a few I can name.  BEST horse EVER.

 10. My Life Coach, Nogie King.
With her help I am discovering all my inner strengths, digging at the dark scary bits, learning who I am and where I’m going next.

11. Starting and owning my own business.  My boss ROCKS!  (That’s me, in case you were wondering)  I’m so proud of myself for taking this leap of faith (again it would never have been possible without JS or Nogie) and for freaking MAKING it.  Boo YAH.

 12. Living in Austin, Texas.  There is absolutely not one thing wrong with Austin (For the sake of this post we are going to pretend I-35 does not exist and that we did not suffer through 30+ days last summer when the high was above 100F) and there are about 10 billion GREAT things to enjoy.  Bat watching, hiking, biking, shopping, eating, dancing, live music EVERYWHERE at all times, dirty hippies, art and films.  You name it we've got it.

13. Cheetos and Big Red eaten together.  Trust me.  (I’m a Doctor)  No, really…  They’re freaking AWESOME. 

14. Big Red Cake.  Although JS makes a mean version I’m pretty sure you can’t out bake the master.  The Warrior Princess’ Big Red Cake is to die for.  I’m drooling a little right now.  I’m totally making one (and I’m probably not going to share… unless Bella wants a tiny bite) when I get home from Mexico.  I wonder if I’m allowed to make special requests at this resort since I’m the birthday ‘girl’.  I’ll have to look into that…

15. Surprise Princess Parties.  For my 29th birthday JS surprised me by jumping out from behind the door when I came home from work, wearing only his under-roos, and clutching Bella closely to his chest.  He had laid out an entire princess themed spread, including a butterfly balloon, a tiara, a princess table cloth, a ribbon for my shirt and his AWESOME Big Red cake.  He also took me out to dinner with friends and proudly wore his tiara along with me.

 16. Surprise ponies for Christmas. There is simply no better present.  You can keep your diamonds because I want horses.  And hay.  And other horsey stuff.

 17. VACATIONS.  All of them.

 18. My family.  G, Crystal, Madre, Pops, Sister, JW and the munchkins.  All my aunts and uncles and cousins.  I am so thankful for each of you and all the fun we have together.  You guys are the best.

 19. JS’s family.  They’re the coolest, funniest smart people I know.  I love them so MUCH!

20. …..

To Be Continued at a later date.  JS has threatened to assassinate me if I don’t start packing immediately.  He said something about, he wants a few hours of sleep without me panic packing and shouting in the background, “Have you seen my swim suit!?”

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  1. M and B think you are cool funny and smart too!!!!!!

    PS I think after all the physical abuse and nudeness I suffered in MX I deserve a cool nick name