Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blog Tag

I've been tagged!  This ain't no chain letter folks.  (Similar but different)  The task is to open the first folder of pictures on your computer and post the 10th picture in that folder. 

Drum roll please.......... This picture was in a folder labeled "Flash Backs."

There once was a girl named Gator
In her youth she was able to drink like a sailor...

Lots of Drunko was played
The Gator grin often stayed

Until a friend dumped cat litter in her toilet.

The Scene:  College Station Duplex, undergrad at Texas A&M

The Year:  2002 (give or take 12 months)

Roommates:  Gator, Farris and our assortment of fuzzy friends including but not limited to; Sassy the Demon Cat, Macy Dog, Emma Lemma, Callie Pup, and some rabbits.

The Event:  Bunko night, aptly renamed Drunko night.

The Story:  The preeminent party planning Farris organized the largest game of co-ed Bunko in history.  The unfortunate mixing of various potent adult beverages ensued.  At some point in the game, as the picture above illustrates, I decided my outfit would benefit from the addition of my decorated cowboy hat.  (Enter:  Silly hat and large Gator grin) 

Dear Farris ended the evening by getting sick in my bathroom.  To top off this spectacular event, I watched in disbelief as a helpful guest poured kitty litter into the toilet afterwards...  "DUDE...  The box said Arm and Hammer," was his remorseful reply.  The pictured CAT on the front of the bag with the large letters spelling CAT LITTER apparently went unnoticed.   

Moral:  Bunko, although great for improving one's arithmetic, has been scientifically proven to lower one's level of literacy. 

(Thanks Sister for the tag.  Now I tag Kayla and Jessica!)


  1. Oh the memories from our Pintail duplex. Good times...especially when a Bunko party was in full swing!

  2. Can I change the rules a little? My 10th picture is boring and lame. No good story to tell. Now my 9th picture is a little different.

  3. Do it! Post whichever you like or both! Miss you and Cody and those sweet baby girls. I'm sending you tons of hugs and kisses!