Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gator Boots

I can’t believe I waited until I was almost (age not to be said out loud) before I got my first pair of bedazzled boots.  If I had only known then, what I know now!

 Over the years I would estimate that I’ve owned at least 8 million pair of boots…  Work boots, polo boots, riding boots, mud boots and once I even made the mistake of buying those hideous Fat Babies…  (JS still refers to them as Chubbies)  But let me introduce you to my new little Frens!

Who knew that just by slipping your toes into such a fine work of art, you are magically transformed into the most amazing Cinderella-esk Dancing Queen?  Who knew I would be the envy of all the less bedazzled booted ladies?  Who knew these beautiful creatures would cause such a stir within my dance loving soul?  And who knew that a simple pair of boots could set off such an intense bout of dance fever?

 Oh yes!  These boots say, “I’m hot and I know it, but I’m remain remarkably humble about said hotness.”  And oddly enough, “Please talk to me from under the shower curtain serving as a bathroom door.”

 Unfortunately, I have yet to find a pair of bedazzled jeans that are just as flattering…  In fact the bedazzled jeans I have encountered thus far make me want to:  A) hurl myself over a cliff or  B) immediately sign up for full body liposuction…  But I remain positive and the search continues.

For all of you out there that have the urge to buy yourselves some fancy foot wear, do not wait a minute longer.  Go on. Get ‘em.  You’ll be real glad you did.

The Dancing Queen and Beautiful Friends

Red Hot!

Gorgeous Darlings

Work It!

Wait for it....


There is is!
 Gator Grin :)

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