Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gator Blessings

I have always felt like I’m the luckiest person ever.  Not like I win every contest I enter, but really super lucky in life.  Extremely blessed.

Growing up my parents went way above and beyond for me and my sister.  We had ponies in our backyard, numerous pets and were only made to endure a few years of torturous dance lessons.  Mom made sure we looked like we had just stepped from the pages of an 80’s fashion magazine, with our puff paint tops, jelly shoes and hair bows large enough to obscure small screen TV’s.  Later, thank you to Jesus and Madre, she upgraded our hair and clothing from the 80's to the 90’s and those super short Madonna hair-do’s from our past have become mildly less traumatic with each passing year.  (Although it’s been a very short 23 years.)

We had our very own swimming pool, cars in high school and a great college education provided for us.  I won the most incredible internship in Canada when I was working on my undergrad and had the opportunity to play polo in the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.

I was accepted to, and completed professional school, thus becoming the first Dr. Gator in our family.  My first job as an associate moved me to the most amazing city in Texas.  A truly wonderful place that I would like to call home for a very long time.

I met the man of my dreams while working on my undergrad.  One who grocery shops and cooks dinners  (even if he says it’s only a survival mechanism), surprised me with the gift of my dream horse, and didn’t leave me when I brought home the Ebella virus, butt rat Chihuahuan, even after he asked me not too.  The same man that bought a farm for our growing number of pasture pets and then sold that same farm to join me in the city.  The man who has supported me over the last year as I quit the job  (and nightmare)  that brought us here and helped me build my very own business!  A man with the most amazing family that I absolutely love to pieces.

I can’t even count all the friendships that I am thankful for, old and new.  I really have the most amazing friends, my Sister being one of my dearest.

I am so thankful for the experience to be an Aunt!  It’s like all the fun of having kids without the permanent responsibility.  (It certainly doesn’t hurt that I have the most beautiful and sweetest niece and nephews ever.)  I had NO IDEA how great it would be and I love every minute.  Especially because I’m allowed to hand the baby back with that HORRIBLE, stinky poop diaper intact :)

More recently I am thankful for my sparkly new computer from Santa!  My heart shines everytime I touch the clickity new keys or glance at it's sleek uber coolness.  It even has a sticky note function, and frankly that's the coolest shit EVER.

I no longer have to peer thru the forrest of cracks in my ancient computer screen and play the "is that the minimize button or the close my entire screen without saving button?" game.  Although that was fun and exciting, it's time to move on!

I am Blessed to have a family that pushes me to the brink of homicide and then forgives me my ugliness as well as the option to spend all further Chrismases in a foreign country sans the same family mentioned above.

I very much look forward to a New Year, one in which I have time to stregthen my positive characteristics and time to drown my negative characteristics with booze and, or therapy.

And I look forward to this New Year with deep gratitude in my heart for all the Blessings I have received and all the Blessings yet to come, and I wish you all the same.

(And I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Sister will have at least one more baby.  I’m almost certain she’d then be willing to let J or K come live with Aunt Gator if I promise to change stinky pants.)

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  1. Well said, Abby. Other people's kiddies are the most fun!