Monday, December 14, 2009

Books of Note

To Blog or To Jog

Where does time go?  Where have I been for the last 3 weeks, you ask?  I have been busy trying to dry out after my pumpkin pie binder.  I managed to take down 3 pies in the short 10 days before Thanksgiving…  And there may have been a few more pie incidents over the actual Holiday.  Which I have since renamed the Sugar Daze.

Since the beginning of November I have been mourning my Holiday weight gain by stuffing my face with chocolates.  I also have spent some time reading and trying to convince myself the pain in my knees and hips will get better if I simply jog it out.

(The aforementioned most incredible Chocolates in the entire world can be found in Fredericksburg, Texas at ‘Quintessential Chocolates.’  Or order them here:   Be warned.  You will forever need just one more piece.  I am almost certain her secret ingredient is crack.)

Out of the 6ish (or maybe it was 12) books I have finished since my last blog, my absolute favorite has been Chelsea Handler’s, ‘Are you There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea.’  After reading this book I came to a few realizations:  A) My measly use of The F Word has NOTHING on Chelsea.  B) Her parents must be SO proud of her.  C) I should have found Chelsea eons ago.

Seriously.  Scandalous and Hysterical.  If I wrote anything similar, I would constantly live in fear of my Father.  One would think that bringing home buckets of money would make the content of your best selling book less troublesome…  Or surely you’re immune from whippins after the age of 29…  But those people do not belong to my family.  This would definitely fall into the, ‘My Parents Would (Still) Beat My Ass For That’ category of activities.

(I know of at least one Singer Sister that can relate, and thanks very much for the book recommendation.)

Another notable mention is ‘Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay,’ by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor.  Complete opposite ends of the spectrum since she writes about being a new mother and the closest Chelsea Handler will ever get to that is adopting or abducting a little person…  But it’s really, really good.

After reading all of these great books I must confess, I have developed a little bit of an inferiority complex…  I simply must up the F Bomb content of this blog.  I have also come to the realization I must immediately work less, take more vacations, and live a little more vicariously if I want good, scandalous content.  And apparently being Jewish is helpful… 

On another note, as of today I have made a whopping 11 cents on my blog!  Keep clicking those adverts people and we will have us one hell of a lake house!  In approximately 400,000 years…


  1. yeah ur if only I could find sometime to read two of those 12 books you have given me or I already owned! Kate has found her independence and if I ignore her for a second she is into trouble- on the other end of our house. (i.e. I think she is in Jacks rooms as I type) WTH!
    xoxo Sissy!

  2. Not to worry, we'll be working on the scandal part this weekend.