Sunday, October 2, 2011

Utah Part Two: Baby Girl Gets Married At The Draper Temple

Saturday September 24th 2011 found us all awake at the butt crack of dawn to join G on her Holy Day of Matrimony. 

Naturally Nina, Dub and I were late (Dub's fault and also the theme for our ENTIRE trip) which somehow worked in our favor ;) 

Because we are not members in good standing (or otherwise) with the Church of Latter Day Saints, we immensely enjoyed the magical weather and spectacular views outside the Temple while another family member took over our duties. 

We were supposed to babysit G's utterly darling and super duper rambunctious nephew, as well as her 10 day old baby niece, but alas 'twas not meant to be.  (Dub's fault, just in case you forgot.)  There also may have been a large amount of traffic to blame...  Whatevs.   

You're WELCOME G!  We were so glad we could help!

No, seriously...  So sorry my sister.  Our bad.  (Mostly Dub's)

Brevan the Wonder Boy sure loves his Aunt G!
Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

Baby Chloe.  Dee-licious in her sweet little dress!
Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

After running around like a harlot without a jacket to cover my shoulders, pointing and waving at all the beautiful Mormons entering and exiting the Temple and then trying to capture silly pictures with the Golden Trumpeter that MAY or may NOT have been Joseph Smith affixed to the top of the Temple...  G, Hobs and the beautiful fam finally exited the building and the professional photog had her way with us.

Gorgeous, right?  But seriously...
Who is that guy on top of the Draper Temple?
Photo courtesy of    Missy Allen Photography

Oh!  Oh!  MOST IMPORTANTLY I got to drive the BLACK SS CAMARO that Hobs had rented on the behalf of his blushing bride!  (Which immediately made the guy a'ight in my book.  And he may not have actually given me permission to drive his car.  But I drove it when he wasn't looking and enjoyed every single second of it.) 

There were actually a few minutes when I considered hitting the road and never looking back but I decided against it only because it was G's big day...  Had it been any other day this story totally would have ended with "Adios Muchachos" and squealing tires.  Just sayin'.

There also would have been fabulous pictures of me driving that sexy beast of a car captured via Nina's camera, which is also known as 'The Vault' however, she flat refused to take any...  Something about people were watching and I was stealing a car.  Buzz kill. 

But I think we can all imagine the glory...

A little bit of this...
   Yeah, baby!

And a little bit of that...

Any who, after I enjoyed my 60 seconds of delight I turned over the keys and we headed north to Park City for more pictures.  We found ourselves freakishly famished and delighted at the opportunity to look pretty amidst some of the most gorgeous countryside ever seen.

Follow the light my friends! 
The tunnel under the highway that led to the farm.

Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

The beautiful and resourceful Kami swatted down a hubcap
sized tarantula as it was crawling up Elizabeth's leg. 
...End photo shoot.

I was totaly in looove with Missy Allen, the worlds greatest photog until she suggested that we should all drive back to Salt Lake City to eat lunch, which resides about 40 minutes south of where we were standing in Park City.  At 2 pm.  When our last meal had been eaten at 8 am.  She was afraid we'd get stuck behind traffic from a bike race...  And I was afraid I was going to have to eat the photographer.  Thus her slightly insane/ thoughtful suggestion was politely ignored and we raced the wrong way (my bad) toward Squatters Pubs and Beers.  Yuuuuuuuuuuum.

Oh happy glorious day!  Dub came as close as I've ever seen him to an actual melt down before we arrived at the restaurant.  He stubbornly refused to eat a protein bar based on his account that the protein bar in question tasted just like a roofing shingle.  A roofing shingle?  Really?  But we all survived, the fab photog included and then we raced our separate ways back to SLC for speed naps. 

After speed naps we performed an abbreviated version of our beautification routine and joined G and Hobs at their spectacular wedding reception.

Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

The reception was hosted by Hobs' gorgeous Aunt and her lovely family.  It was truly paradise.  I could not get over how amazing the grass was!  Gardens?  What gardens?  I was too busy rubbing my face on the oh, so sweet and amazingly green grass to notice any gardens.   

Carpet or grass?  You be the judge.
Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

One of the highlights of the reception, besides catching up with old friends and visiting with all the wonderful new friends we made over the weekend, was the photo booth.  Just in case you were wondering...  This is how sobber people have fun y'all ;)  Although by the look of those cayuuute boys... I'm not sure everyone was sobber.  I knew they were holding out on us!

Fab, fab family!

Blame it on the punch.

Cutest Sister and Brother in Law ever.

And a SMOOCH for Papa G.

All photo booth photos are courtesy of Jim Beam and Missy Allen Photography

Oops!  I meant Jen Dean and Missy Allen.

Sadly I knew my fantasy weekend had come to an end when my pilot announced on my return flight, "Welcome to Texas Folks.  It's still hot and dry without any chance of rain, just in case you were wondering."  

When the shuttle bus driver gave us an honest to God, "Welcome home y'all," a little tear escaped from my eye.  

I realized that a combination of our never ending Texas heat and a bit of starvation makes me crankier than a momma mongoose at feeding time.  And yahoos that talk too loudly, among other things...

So, until we meet again...  Au revoire my lovelies and CONGRATULATIONS!

Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography

Photo courtesy of  Missy Allen Photography


  1. How does Dub know what a roofing shingle taste like? Part of me is worried for his health. The other part of me (majority) wants to see him eat one. Make it happen.

  2. DUDE. Dub-a-roonie has not a hostile bone in his body. Not one... Or at least not until you try to make him eat something he doesn't want to eat. I just can't do it captain. I don't have the power! But I CAN mail you an early Christmas present and let you decide for yourself ;)