Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pipe Dreams

I need a new Camaro

I woke up last week with a new revelation.  I WANT a new Camaro.  Bad.  I think I’ve gone mad.  And now I’m kind of sad.  JS said that I better get a roomy version because if I brought home a new car I’d have to live in it…  Dream crusher.

It was like I woke one day and I was struck with a bolt of consumerism lightening.  It’s a very disturbing feeling because I have not EVER wanted a brand new car.  One: I have always been a poor student and now I’m a poor newish business owner, and Two:  I’m a Virgo with a huge OCD complex and given my poor driving history…  New car + dent and/or scratch = months of therapy and/or costly insurance claims.

I KNOW better.  I READ Dave Ramsey.  I ALMOST have a savings account!

And now I’m a hypocrite because waaaaay back in the day I even tried to convince JS that a brand new “Farm Truck” was a really bad idea.  He had his “Aha! She was right” moment, when a week after its purchase the farm gate smashed into its side.  And again a few months later when he took out a few reflector posts in a well executed side slide right into a ditch.  (Now listen here, just because one of those accidents was my fault doesn’t mean that a new truck was a wise acquisition.)

AND THEN more recently I discovered that not only did I really, really WANT a new Camaro… I NEED a new Camaro.  Have you seen that thing?  It’s a frickin’ revelation.  But most importantly I think we can all agree that I would look super fly rocking less than 20% body fat driving a muscle car.

Yep.  See.  That’s EXACTLY why I need the new Camaro.

Check it:

It's okay to drool.


  1. The superimposed pic really helped convince me here. Assume it didn't work so well on J?

  2. B: Thank you my friend. Isn't that car the coolest color EVER? Can you envision the awesomeness of me driving that thing? Can you imagine how quickly I'd lose my driver's license?

    MKT: Can you believe that JS doesn't read my blog so he hasn't seen that clever little creation? Sad isn't it? Just breaks my little black heart... But then again, after my last post, perhaps I'm fortunate after all ;) I may get to live.

  3. Avis gave me a free upgrade last year and I got to drive a Camaro for a few days. it was by far the most fun ride! I hope you get one soon!! love, Chris